Rub a Dub Dub, Baby in the Tub!

Yesterday was a fun day! I was supposed to do an engagement photography session in Rhode Island but it got rescheduled, so instead I spent the whole day with my little man! He turned 8 months old last week which is just ridiculous. They grow up so fast! Since I was supposed to be out at a session, I was itching to take some photographs. I decided to use the time to document my little one instead, and set up our own baby photography session. Since he’s just starting to LOVE the bath, I decided on a bath time fun shoot. I took the bath outside since it was such a beautiful day out, and let him splash around and play while mommy took lots of photos of him. He had a ton of fun and so did I! There is nothing cuter than a baby in the bath tub.

Here are some results of the photo shoot!

He was very in to the tongue sticking out for these photos! (maybe that’s because he kept eating the bubbles!)

“Hey mom! Can I eat these?”

… and my favorite of the day!

So after all the fun, mommy was trying to clean up and baby was just being so cute I had to whip out the camera and get a shot of this!

…but then this happened…

I guess he had enough of the pictures!

Hope you enjoyed!


4 thoughts on “Rub a Dub Dub, Baby in the Tub!

  1. C & F Photography

    I just love crying pictures of baby even if the client might not feel the same way. Very cute photos!

    1. lauryn alisa photography Post author

      I know the crying baby pictures are adorable in my eyes… it shows their personalities and emotions at such a young age. Your right though, I’m sure many clients wouldn’t want pictures of their screaming kid šŸ˜‰

      1. Samantha cox

        I have a great screaming shot of PJ as a newborn and the photographer didn’t like it but I loved it! Have it hanging lol

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