Some Boudoir Fun | Raleigh, North Carolina Boudoir Photographer

So last weekend before the Super Bowl, I set up some of my new studio equipment in the basement, and held a great boudoir session!  I love doing  boudoir sessions.  Making your clients feel beautiful and confident is a great feeling, especially when they are so happy with the results.  The pictures from this session came out FABULOUS!!  It was such a simple set up, with just a futon, white and blue sheets, pillows, and a white backdrop, but the results made me really happy. I can’t wait for my next boudoir session and to launch my boudoir site!

Keep a lookout for my boudoir site which will hopefully be launched sometime before the end of February.  With its launch will come a special on boudoir sessions.  In the mean time, call or e-mail me to inquire about a boudoir session (maybe I’ll still give you the special).  🙂

Here is one of the photographs from the session (with permission of course).

How amazing does she look?!

How amazing does she look?!

Hope you enjoyed!


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