Janna and Michael’s Creedmoor, NC Wedding | Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer

Janna and Michael got married on May 16, 2015.  They have known each other for a very long time, and it was a perfect day to celebrate the long-lasting love that they have for one another!  The ceremony took place at Creedmoor United Methodist Church, which was very special to the bride since she has been attending this church  from the time she was a little girl!  I love when brides and grooms incorporate a special location into their weddings. It makes the day even more meaningfull than it already is!

Their wedding was filled with a bunch of beautiful do-it-yourself details!  I had a blast photographing the day!  Janna and Michael are such a beautiful and fun couple, I wish them both the best in their forever together!  ❤

RaleighWeddingPhotographer1 RaleighWeddingPhotographer2 RaleighWeddingPhotographer5 RaleighWeddingPhotographer6 RaleighWeddingPhotographer7 RaleighWeddingPhotographer8 RaleighWeddingPhotographer13 RaleighWeddingPhotographer14 RaleighWeddingPhotographer15 RaleighWeddingPhotographer9 RaleighWeddingPhotographer10 RaleighWeddingPhotographer11 RaleighWeddingPhotographer12 RaleighWeddingPhotographer26 RaleighWeddingPhotographer27 RaleighWeddingPhotographer28 RaleighWeddingPhotographer16  RaleighWeddingPhotographer18 RaleighWeddingPhotographer19 RaleighWeddingPhotographer20 RaleighWeddingPhotographer21 RaleighWeddingPhotographer22 RaleighWeddingPhotographer23 RaleighWeddingPhotographer24 RaleighWeddingPhotographer25 RaleighWeddingPhotographer29 RaleighWeddingPhotographer30 RaleighWeddingPhotographer31 RaleighWeddingPhotographer32 RaleighWeddingPhotographer33 RaleighWeddingPhotographer34 RaleighWeddingPhotographer3 RaleighWeddingPhotographer4 RaleighWeddingPhotographer35 RaleighWeddingPhotographer36 RaleighWeddingPhotographer37 RaleighWeddingPhotographer38 RaleighWeddingPhotographer39 RaleighWeddingPhotographer40 RaleighWeddingPhotographer41 RaleighWeddingPhotographer42 RaleighWeddingPhotographer43 RaleighWeddingPhotographer44 RaleighWeddingPhotographer45 RaleighWeddingPhotographer46


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