About Me


It’s funny how one word can mean so many different things to different people.  Love is the strongest emotion you will ever feel in your lifetime.

I want to capture what love means to you.

For me, love is a combination of all the simple things in life.  It’s seeing the giant smile on my little boys face as he yells “hi mama!” when I walk into the room.  It’s the little kiss on my forehead that my husband always gives me before getting in bed.  It’s the support I feel every day from my family and friends both near and far.

Weddings are the ultimate celebration of love.  The love between a bride and a groom.  The love between two families joining as one.  The love of friends and relatives there to witness.  This beautiful day that you have spent so much time planning deserves to be captured in a way that shows all the emotions felt and the fun that was had by those you love.

I want to tell your love story so you can share it for a lifetime!

Contact me here or visit my website for more information! ❤


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